• how it works 3Qualified customers. Golfers are generally CEOs, business owners, corporate decision-makers.
  • Positive brand awareness: your marketing should be fun just like golf!
  • We can tell you how many people saw your ad
  • Your ad is displayed constantly
  • Quantify cost vs. value
  • A sign can't be fast-forwarded
  • A dedicated golfer will read your sign each time they walk onto the tee-box
  • Full-color, quality ads
  • Properly placed marketing that works
  • No hidden fees
  • No "like-minded" businesses repeating on every hole

Golf course marketing is more effective than radio, tv, newspaper, billboard, and online advertising avenues because it stays put, it isn't obtrusive, it doesn't compete with other advertisements back-to-back, and it can't be "skipped." Plus, the leisurely nature of golf means that golfers can write down the information they see on these advertisements at any time and at their own pace.

GPS Advertising

  • GPS Units Located On Each Golf Cart
  • Ads Cycle Through 1 of 18 And Are Displayed While The Golfers Are Golfing
  • Each Advertiser Will Not Have A Competitor Ad Displayed On The GPS
  • Ads Are Full Color And Easily Updated To The Advertisers Needs
  • High Resolution 7 Inch Screen
TV Advertising

TV Advertising

  • 70 Inch Sharp Electronic 1080p Full Digital Interactive Display With Sound
  • Ads Cycle Through 1 of 18 And Are Displayed All Day, Everyday Outside The Pro Shop
  • Each Advertiser Can Use Ready Made Television Commercials
  • Ads Are Full Color And Updated As The Advertisers Needs Change

Tee Box Advertising

how it works 2
  • Static Hole Number Sign Located Directly On The Tee Box As Close To The Hole Number Sign As Possible
  • Each Tee Contains The Call To Action: Take My Picture And Call Me When You Get Home
  • Each “Golf Tee” is 18 Inches High & Is 1 Of 4 Colors; Blue, Red, Orange or Yellow
  • Each “Golf Ball” Ad is 24 Inches Around

Other advertising options are "shotgun" approaches to finding you new customers, but The Golf Firm uses Laser Targeted Advertising, only putting you in front of those who have the ability to buy your product or use your service. Laser Targeted Advertising saves you money! Consider the percentages (in bold) you would save below by switching to The Golf Firm advertising:

Advertisement Savings

Direct Mail(Est. 500 letters/week)

$240 - 79% $960 - 79% $11,520 - 79%
Billboard $400 - 87% $1600 - 87% $19,200 - 87%

Radio(30 seconds, 3/week)

$1000 - 95% $4000 - 95% $48,000 - 95%

Local Paper(1/4 page ad 3 days/week)

$150 - 66% $600 - 66% $7,200 - 66%

Advertisers page map

The golf courses on the map above include all of the states which advertise local companies through the system of The Golf Firm LLC and earn additional revenue while doing it.

how it works 2Advertising budgets are the most important thing to your company's bottom line. By partnering with The Golf Firm, you are guaranteed to reach the highest-qualified customer. Golfers are individuals who are ready and able to spend their disposable income at your business. The Golf Firm will save your company's advertising budget thousands of dollars! These are exclusive opportunities for you, so don't hesitate. Call The Golf Firm at 888.425.2107

See your very own high-quality advertisement on a sign at the tee-off. The signs are placed by The Golf Firm and can even be designed by us if you do not already have an ad or a graphics department to design it for you. Fill out the form below to begin your route to golf course advertising: the most unobtrusive and highly effective avenue to advertise.

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